Friday, September 4, 2009

Rosemary Valadon

Rosemary Valadon is an artist who is also my Son In Laws mum. If you like oil paintings then check out her work here.
She is also a very lovely lady and it was wonderful to see her in Hill End where she lives and she looked after us properly when we went to visit last week. I saw some of her work, seeing them close up is so much more than in a picture on the net so if you get the chance to go to one of the galleries on her blog you will not be disappointed. Some of these works are huge! She lives in a beautiful part of the world and it should not be changed. Whilst they do rely on tourists to help keep the community alive they don't need development. so if you like atmosphere, open spaces, beautiful scenery, a sense of history and peace then do go and visit, if you want shopping and hi tech (mobile phones don't work here, nor do they have internet). They have 1 pub, 1 general store for bread, milk etc. and a post office. but the sound and sights of the wildlife made me breathless with a population of 120 everyone knows everyone and the pub is the place to be at the end of the day for a drink and catch up. I am so looking forward to going back, i have left a piece of my heart there after just 1 visit.