Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Party.

I arrived safely in the U.K. on Friday and on Saturday it was my Step mums 70th birthday. One thing i was asked to do was help decorate the marque they hired in the back garden. Well i know she loves butterlies, and the day was proven to be correct cos butterflies were either part of the gift or at least the wrapping! I has bought along a couple of cardboard butterfly templates and some fabric from Australia as well as iron on interfacing and made a bunting of butterflies as well as this Garden Disco Ball. Close to my little sisters house where we went to pick up some flowers and cards and some special number balloons was a hard ware store. I bought 2 wire hanging baskets and a roll plastic wrapped wire, and my sister provided me with the lights, the wooden perches for her decorated birds and i just assembles it together, wrapping the lights around the two holders leaving a section un wrapped so that when it is stored it will not be leaning on wire or lights. This gap had white and silver feather butterflies around it instead. Using both sets of hanging chains it was put into the middle of the marque and as the evening wore on, the lights that flashed quite randomly looked better and better. I was very happy and honored to have been asked to help at such short notice, and i was also glad it looked ok too!
I hope to get out and about tomorrow and take some pictures of my young nephews now i know how to up load pictures.