Friday, July 3, 2015

Captain Cook Continued.

 Working on the coat at the moment.
Getting there, I will be working on this doll for the weekend then making a quilt for Aussie Heroes then getting back to the doll.

Gifts, Doll, Shopping And Meggie.

 Today I went out op shopping for Aussie Hero stuff and stuff to finish the doll. This lovely bag of fabric was waiting for me at the front door. Thank you Libby, the fabric is wonderful.
 Meggie enjoyed the bag that the fabric came in! Don't worry, she was only in it for a moment while the fabric was being photographed!
 This is what I bought in Greensborough today, Blank photo paper to make my Aussie Hero postcards with, 2 pairs of shoes for the buckles, this gold braid to make the shoulder tassels with, (I cannot think of the proper name for it at the moment). a bag of gold buttons. and ribbon to go as the trim on the outside of the dress coat.
Working on the vest at the moment, but you can see the buttons are the right size for the doll.