Friday, October 16, 2009


This is all the heads getting paired up with the hair. They are pinned then sewn then put aside to be clipped and turned out the right way. finally they will be stuffed and the dolls put together

and they will look like this. The magic thing about these dolls apart from being very cute is that their dresses are reversible. Two dresses in one.

This is the reverse of the same dress. How cool is that!

Places to Visit

I was thinking today about places i have been that have changed me as a person (or have strengthened me) places that have tugged at my heart core and i can name 5.

1. Cornwall England. I loved the history and cobbled streets
2. Stone Henge Felt at peace here. Unfortunately when i went to visit it was roped off. Unable to touch the stones themselves.
3. Dungeness Loved the ruggedness of the place. My mum took me there last time i went to the U.K. and i simply loved it.
4. William Ricketts Sanctuary This place i could not forget, and i would dearly love to visit again.
5. My newest love Hill End N.S.W. I fell in love with not just the landscape but the people who live there.

What places or things that you have been too or seen read or heard that have helped shaped you or have strengthened your belief in who you are today?

Toy Society Drop

I know this may sound like pushing my own loves, especially from my last couple of postings but i think this is what blogging is all about, letting people know who you are and what makes you tick, so i had to post this. The Toy Society I love this idea too. I will be adding this to my must do list. Making things, either from my own imagination, pictures that inspire me, passing things on to the next generation from the comfort of my home or in a classroom of kids as a guest (for the day) ill health has not allowed me to be able to work outside the home for quite some time, I have yet to find a job where i can take very frequent bathroom breaks for days or weeks at a time when my illness hits me.

Keeping in Touch

I have always had an open house policy at my place, my children's friends have been allowed to come over whenever they want and stay if they need to and although my kids are now young adults and have their own lives it was lovely when a couple popped in this evening, not to see their mate, They knew he was not here, but just to see me. Just to catch up and talk about what they are up to. They call me their second mum. (I am so proud of who they are turning out to be.) They were interested in seeing what i have made and talked fondly on what i had made for them. They even bought along a new friend who has in the past done dress making and loved to sew and i told her she was welcome anytime she wanted to play, (she wants to make some 60's clothing, ti dye and stuff, She has no idea that i really LOVE that stuff!!!) i have the materials, the machines etc and when i showed her the polymer clay she went GAGA. She used to make jewelery, so i said to her, come and play anytime and she can teach me how to use that stuff. It was a lovely visit. I am going to teach them how to knit, make felt and whatever they want to learn. How great is it to pass on what you know, and also to learn more stuff from them?

Hair and Faces

Hair and faces for 40 dolls ready to sew together and stuff tomorrow.