Friday, October 30, 2009

Dog Bed

One of my sons friends came round with their dog the other day and left her tied up under the front veranda and i thought to myself, She needs a mat to lay on. So here it is. Using what i had on hand I made her one. It measures 60cm by 95cm.
The inside is foam padding covered with wool blanket, i then sewed them all together sandwich style using my over locker.
Then i made a cotton and plastic mat slip cover that has a taped enclosure so that it can be removed for cleaning easily. Nice and soft and cushion y, much better than the hard concrete veranda.

Count Down

Last night i did an inventory on the gifts i am making for the K Mart Christmas Tree. Originally i had planned on making 100 dolls this year, but i did not allow for life to happen in between, so whilst it is not 100 dolls i am on track for making 100 gifts.
Last night i thought i must do a count and i am up to 75, better than i thought! I WILL reach my goal of 100 by December 1.
I must get remember to get some wrapping paper, sticky tape etc soon.