Saturday, December 6, 2014

Free Pincushion Patterns.
 Here is another simple chicken pincushion pattern.

Chichen Pincushions.

 This is what I have been making for the last couple of days.  I am using scraps of fabric and left over blocks chopped up into squares, 2 squares for each chicken. The squares can be any size, I have chosen to make these in 5 inch  blocks. They have been filled with the walnut litter, they will have fiberfill added to where I need to sew the closing seam and their button eyes added.
I needed to make a few more Christmas gifts and I am waiting on some fabric to make an Aussie quilt and do not want to have a big project so that I can get into making the quilt as fast as I can when it arrives.
This is the link to the pattern tutorial I have used as inspiration.