Friday, May 25, 2012

Kids Craft Group

My kids craft group has a new name, It is called Crafternoons. One of Renees kids in the classroom told her she does crafts with her Nanna and this is what they call it and it has been voted by the girls and adopted. I will get them to design a brooch and we will make them.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures.

This is my Tuesday's Treasures. Play along with Melody Daly on her blog. it is so much fun.

Christmas In July.

This is the kit I have made for our Christmas In July meeting at A.C.D.A minus the stuffing. A pin cushion to put around your sewing machine. This has velcro that you can adjust before you sew the white strap. I will leave the velcro off for them to sew because not all machines have the same measurements. I chose red fabric for the Christmas theme. I have today made 40 kits. All they have to do is stuff the cushion and stitch that on and sew on the velcro to the strap.
This is the finished item on my machine. cute?

It is well accepted that although it is Bring A Plate, I do not cook so I decorate. Look at this Great Fabric Find! Greensborough Savers, with my discount voucher it only cost me $6. Enough fabric to cover all the tables, that is half of my decorating done. I have 6 green and red baskets that I will buy some mini bread rolls and place them on the tables too. I am a very happy girl.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr Men and Little Miss Appliques

The large appliques are finished, ready to be Ironed onto the school couch in the library. On the sides will be the yellows, then on the back will be the orange, then the blue then the red. All that will be left to do is re cover the seating cushions using the same fur fabric I used on the Library Story telling chair and it will all be tied in together.

Kids Crafty Club Saturday

Having drawn their little miss onto the back of the vlyiesofix using a thick texta that was ironed onto the back of the black plush pile fabric, they are cutting them out slightly wider than the lines.

 The backing of the vliesofix has been taken off and the colours of the little miss characters have been added and the outlines are ironed on. Pins are left in place on the pieces that do not have the iron on stuff. They were then sewn into place and cut out.
The two girls had a great time.

The plan is for each of the projects to make at least 2 of each one and one is for them to keep and the other to be put into a Gift Box so that they have ready made gifts for birthdays and Christmas for best friends and family.  
They are looking forward to next month. I cannot wait!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mr Men and Little Miss Appliques.

This is the first one finished, ready to be ironed onto the couch in the school library. All the black has been sewn on and the heavy weight vliesofix has been added to the back. To give you an idea on the sizes, they are quite large, this one measures 42cms by 26cms.
I had a wonderful day yesterday, 2 young girls came for our very first Crafting Day. They made their own little miss appliques and a felt rose brooch. I forgot to take pictures, Luckily the mum of one of the kids took some using her phone so I will post them when I get them. They had a wonderful day and got as much out of it as I did. They are looking forward to the next one. We are going to have out Crafting Day on the 3rd Saturday of every month. They both went home with completed projects and one to make until the next time we meet. The plan is for them to make two of everything, one to keep for themselves and one to put in a box for gifts for friends and family. Amongst all the things they want to learn we will be making felt, making paper, and learning to knit and crochet and making dolls clothes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Windham Patriotic Fabrics

How cool is this lot! Don't you love the colours here? I can see a fantastic quilt or bunting in this. Click on the link for more info.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mr Men and Little Miss Appliques.

These are the appliques so far. all of them are pinned except for the one in the middle, that one has running stitch to hold in place before sewing it with the machine. I have used a contrasting thread to make it easier to take out once it has been sewn on firmly. I will be doing the same thing with all the other characters and trimming the colours of the pieces once I have hand stitched them on. This will ensure that they don't move and I won't have to worry about pins.
When I have done that I will iron on the heavy weight vliesofix.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr Men and Little Miss Appliques

What I am working on is some hand made appliques of mr men and little miss to go on the back of a couch in the school library. At the moment the couch is a simple straight 2 seater in a dark blue that needs a bit of a colour up lift. I plan on making the black outlines in a black velvet type fabric and sewing it onto the colours of the characters and then adding vlysofix to the back and ironing it onto the couch. the yellow of this girl for instance will be cut out flush to the black outline once I have sewn the black onto it.

The outer edges and the red of the pig tails will not, to give it the simple look as if a child has coloured in a page. the size is of the characters are roughly 35cm tall by 41cms wide, so they are quite large. the plan is to make characters for the back of the couch and 1 on the outer sides of the arms. I also plan on making 2 cushions to sit on the couch. these will be square. Fingers crossed!
The fabrics for the characters is polar fleece.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Special Projects.

 This week when Renee too me out to Resource Rescue Craft Supplies we also went to Spotlight for some wool and fabric. Renee chose some feathers yarn for a hot water bottle cover, this is what I made. No pattern just used the hot water bottle as my guide.
 We also bought some cotton fabrics for the laundry. the curtains are in pretty floral pink and greens with a splash of orange.
 Some Chinese fabrics to cover the bookcase.
 The top has Velcro attached.
Finally some cushion covers in hot pink and orange square centers, for a bit of pop.
I enjoyed making these things and Renee was very happy too! It was a fantastic day that we both enjoyed very much.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Kitchen Floor

 A very different kind of crafting happened at our house today, A new kitchen floor.
 We all had a hand in changing it. I pulled it up and used the old one as a template and traced and cut the new one out. (I must admit my job was easy)!
My husband and 2 sons helped take up the carpet to lino metal thingy and move the freezer and put it back, My daughter also had a hand in it! For Christmas she bought her dad a Bunnings voucher which went towards the new lino. I Love it!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Love Quilting is having a giveaway, A Mystery Box of goodies, I love Lucky Dips, always have, It must be the kid inside of me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Resource Rescue Inc

I have had the Most Fantastic Day today, I went here,  for the first time after seeing the stuff that comes in via face book. I can highly recommend it to anyone who lives in that area or who does crafts etc. I can say it is well set out and plenty of stuff to choose from, lovely and clean and bright. It is up there along with my other favorite stores, Spotlight and Savers.

Friday, May 4, 2012

School Library Flloor Cushions Makeover.

 Floor cushions for the school library have had their seams fixed. They were tired looking and in need of a revamp and updating.
They now have new covers, plus more floor cushions added from my stash acquired from op shops just for this purpose. They now tie in nicely with the chair. one side is plane white and the other has that lovely alphabet print. I used my birthday spotlight gift card and the gift card from the school to get the materials, so really it was free. I had a great time choosing the fabrics.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Library Chair Delivered

 The chair got delivered to the school on Sunday. It is now in its permanent place in the library.
I received a wonderful present from the school, a Spotlight gift card, a super thank you card, I love what was written inside,and a wonderful hardback book called the Wizard of Oz, stunning illustrations and i have not read it and i will treasure them both and will use the Spotlight card for more crafting supplies for my charity makes.

I am looking forward to my next school project, fixing up some floor cushions and jazzing them up.