Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mini Iron

Alderwood Quilts have a great Giveaway. A mini iron and two fat quarters. How good is that!
Now for something quite different, We had our cloth doll club meeting at A.C.D.A. yesterday, (sorry no pix, i forgot my camera!)

One of our members is asking for T Bag Tags. Why? you might ask! Well, if she can make the weight of a wheelchair in tags they will donate a new wheelchair to her charity. Our cloth doll club had over 20 members present yesterday and if each one asked their family and friends and got them to ask their family and friends then maybe we can do a lot, I think she will need tons!
I have got my ball rolling so to speak, I have made some leaflets and posted them in my home area with my address this morning outlining just as i am posting here with my address on it. and i thought i would blog about it here too! Ask your friends and family to save them and give them to you, and when you have a lot, e-mail me, and i will send you my address to post them too. I think she needs as many as we can drum up! Let's get a free wheelchair happening. I will keep you posted! (to start i have cut off all my tags and put them in a jar, right from the packets. Staples included and acceptable!)