Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Molly Monkey

This is what i have been working on today,
Molly Monkey by mmmcrafts I will be making two of them,(I like pairs of things or more). so 6 toys in total will be going to Softies For Mirabel charity. Then i am done with toys for charity for this year, onto Christmas gifts for family and friends and Wedding Stuff!
My Daughter has just finished her last exam, She will very soon be an accountant!!! We are so very proud of her.

4 Toys

Four toys ready to go for Softies For Mirabel.


Now it is Tilli's turn to be Cat of the Day.


Just waking up from a nap, Now that is one cool cat!

Wedding has Been Set!

My Daughters wedding has been set! Sunday 20th March 2010
Hill End is still a go, but just close friends and immediate family but that is later down the track,
Bundoora Park, though lovely turned out to be an alcohol free zone, but here at Wellers in Kangaroo Grounds, Eltham Vic, turned out to be just right!
Just enough country to get the atmosphere, close enough for family to get too, and cost wise just right too.
What made it extra special to us is that Steph's future Mother in Law used to go here when she lived in Melbourne. So we are really really happy. Now i can concentrate on getting the decorations made.

Wellers Wedding Venue