Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aussie Hero Laundry Bags.

Finished and ready to post are 12 more laundry bags. (3 boxes of 4 bags).

BX2 Post Boxes.

Readers of my blog know that the majority of my crafting is for charity and a lot of this year so far I have been making laundry bags for Aussie Heroes. In December of last year I bought in bulk 50 boxes on ebay (it worked out at 80c per box) with the thinking that it would last me the year I am now down to my last few boxes so it was time to get some more. This time I ordered 100. This cost me $60 including postage. If I bought this amount from the post office it would have cost me $235. A saving of $175. I have moves a couple of things around in my sewing room to make a space for it. This should be enough for at least this time next year.