Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crochet And Crib Quilt.

 I love to crochet and this an experiment I am trying out. I did not want to have the half square triangles. The first row, in this case it is the bottom white row and this is the length.
 Working only on the Ls on the next row makes the crochet 2 squares less on each row. The next row was red.
 Back onto white again for 3rd row.
 Flip the thing over and do the same for the red row. This is now using the cast on edge. You can see how it is becoming a square.
 I hope this makes it easier to visualise.
 I have decided on how I am making the baby quilt. 4 patch blocks with white sashings.
Yesterday I made more Aussie Hero quilt labels, Left them over night to dry, heat set them with an iron, washed and trimmed and ironed again. The next thing to do will be to place a piece of cotton/calico fabric over the top and sew all around. Make a slit on the fabric and turn the whole thing right sides out which will enclose all the raw edges inside. They will then be ironed again and ready to be used.