Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crafternooners Christmas Makes.

This is what our Crafternooners will be making for Christmas. The bell is using the same principle as the circle decoration, 6 bell shapes sewn together down the middle and then sewn in segments and beaded.

They will also be making Jodie Carletons' Woodland Christmas, All hand sewn, I love it! Thanks Jodie! the pattern is available here,

Making Cord Continued.

I forgot to add this picture on my last post. This is doing the same thing on the sewing machine, twisting as I go, but this time I have used the zig zag stitch.

Making Cord.

 Having the yarn I bought the other day to turn into cord, I realised that it is too thick to use the crochet chain stitch so I decided to see if using the sewing machine would work instead. Perfect! On this demonstration I have used 2 different coloured threads so that you can see more clearly exactly what is happening, It twists.
 Twist the yarn in whatever direction is most comfortable to you a little at a time and keeping it even sew.
 This is a close up of the newly created cord.
This is the cord and the yarn that I am using.