Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quilt Continued.

This is the quilt so far. The logos have been appliqued on and the name written with fabric markers. They will be trimmed and sewn together with no strips in between and the seams opened up and pressed flat. There are 5 rows of 3 blocks. The back will then be pinned on and quilted again and the binding put on. The binding will be in red.

ACDA Christmas Party And Quilting.

 This is the layout for the Aussie Hero quilt I am working on. The two empty spaces will have white fabric blocks with the Waratahs logo on them in a mirror fashion. The request is for mainly blue, Aussie Army fabric, flag and the Waratahs.
 At the cloth doll club yesterday I spent $20 on raffle tickets for the charity we are supporting this year, I won a prize! A $20 Spotlight voucher this is what I bought today. Two meters of each of these fabrics from Roxburgh Park, the new store that opened, I also used this voucher from the back of the magazine and a 20% off scratch card. So thank you ladies very much! All will be used for Aussie Hero quilts.
 The quilt I am working on is using scraps of all my blues made into large blocks sewn and quilted onto the batting. The backing will be in one piece and added after and then quilted again and this time the lines will be going diagonally on the quilt, in a X on each block.
 This is my preliminary reference diagram of the emblem for the white blocks.  The actual logo will be larger. I need to take the time to draw it out properly.
 At the Christmas party on Saturday we had a decoration swap and a pincushion swap. This was what I got, Simply divine!
 Such a clever idea.
This is the pin cushion I received, Just the best kind of cup cake.  Wishing all of the wonderful people at A.C.D.A. a safe and Merry Christmas, See you all in February.