Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Supplies and Inspiration

This is my inspiration for my new project. (the lady on the right). I have not yet chosen the male i want to do. I have chosen her because she embodies me the most of all the guests in the book. A little bit medieval and Wicca. I adore her sleeves, and riding on a broom with a cat? Well I love cats!

This is my stash of designing supplies, pencil, rulers, cardboard, paper scissors, foil and a notebook. I do not do drawings as such but measure out directly on cardboard the basic shapes i need and go from there, Luckily enough cardboard is easy to get, and also recyclable. The foil is used to make shapes with that i cannot do with cardboard.
This is how i start to make the basic figure. Later on my supplies change when i do the clothing, this is by draping, i will show you that when i get to it.
I know already the size of the doll i want to make and go from there.