Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Glasses

I have just won these glasses on Ebay. Another good assortment for the wedding. Just have to let my daughter know.

Cat of the Day

I just love how these two kitties sleep together in my fabric box. They have their own blanket on the top if my stash.
Tilli is the one in charge and always washes Megs face before they go to sleep.

Softies For Mirabel

For all you crafters out there, If you would like to make something for someone else especially if you live in Melbourne you still have some time.
Do check out this site. Softies For Mirabel . Very inspirational. I'm in!!


This is the bodies all stuffed and ready to assemble, finished stuffing them last night at midnight.
I just tipped it out and Meggy was there as always interested in what i am doing. She is my little shadow.
What the picture cannot show is the depth of the pile. There is a lot there. Anyone new to this blog i have been given permission by the designer to use her pattern in this way. Her name is Jodie and her blog is WONDERFUL. do check it out.


This is also what i have been doing. Drawing and cutting out heads to go with the hair.
Pencil markings to show where the embroidery is going to go.


This is what i have been doing today.
busy cutting out iron on interfacing to use for hair for the K Mart Christmas Tree Dolls. They are all cut out ready to iron on the fabric.
The fabric i have used is second hand coat fabrics. I was especially sad for just a moment to use the yellow cos i would have liked to wear it. I should have taken a picture of it before i cut it up. It was a lovely 3/4 length swing coat.
The red and brown is felt from the magic day at Zart Art Sale with my son's girlfriend.
The next job is to iron them on, cut them out and sew them to the heads. I will them turn out the heads and stuff them.
Tomorrow assemble the dolls.
The task after that is the dresses.