Thursday, November 27, 2014

Savers Shopping.

Savers did not disappoint! Inspirational book marks, 65 of them for $5.00! They are all the same. They had other packets there with things like Grandma, sister etc not suitable for my use. These will go into the Aussie Hero drawer to be included in their care package. Love, love LOVE these stencils! Australian animal stencils. They are brand new, the store label was Toyworld at $14.95 I got them for $4.00. I can use them in 2 ways. straight forward stencils using fabric markers, or pencil them onto fabric for placement and use the pieces for applique. Probably more if I want to think about it!

Laundry Bag.

 This was finished yesterday.
I made a laundry bag to match. The fabric is what I have used for the back of the quilt too. Posting it this afternoon and a trip to Savers after.