Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July
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This is the 2010 Games Mascot finished. I had to paint him orange and he stands at 47 inches tall or 120 cm.

Trucks Continued

These are the fabrics i will be using.
Shiny silver for the windows appliqued on, black for the wheels made separately, red for the lights appliqued on and green for trucks.
While i was looking for fabrics i came across this delightful green fabric, I am thinking Monster Pillows here, for the two 3 year olds. More on that later.

Baby Trucks

Goodie! I have my camera back!
Inspired by Jodie Carleton of Ric-Rac Designs freebie I am going to make a couple of boy toy trucks for my nephews in England when i go next month to the U.K. to see them for the first time. the first picture shows the materials used to make the patterns for the two toys. I went to Zart Art and replenished my cardboard requirements, which is the way i like to make my shapes.
having drafted them up using graph paper, the easiest way to do shapes not being a math person i transferred the design onto cardboard. Many of the shapes are going to double up on the transport to make things easier and to make them look like they belong as a group. Added to these two will be a car and a bike, but more on that later. They need to have seam allowances added i will do that on the fabric befor i cut it out. The windows and the grill are the same sizes and i will appliques them onto the fabric first whilst it is still flat. The wheels will be made separately. This one is the truck.
This one is the Tipper truck.
taped up to show the shape.
thew shape of the tipper truck.