Friday, May 23, 2014

Close Up of Quilt In Progress.

This is a close up snippet of what I have been doing today.
Hand drawn fishing lures and fishing reels.
These are the products I have used. Ikea textile markers. However having done a search for them they don't seem to have them in store, I did however find an equivalent product that I would like to buy and try next, Crayola Textile Markers from Officeworks.

Aussie Hero Quilt started.

Started this quilt yesterday and due the same time as the female dancing quilt (end of June). This one is for a male, request is for blue, fishing, Southern Cross.
In the light blue squares I will either hand drawing or making appliques for bait, reels and other fishing items (not decided how I will do them yet) and in the long blue panels on either side I will be drawing or appliqueing fishing rods. The Southern Cross stars will be appliqued on the back.