Monday, January 7, 2013

Todays Sewing.

This is what I have made this afternoon. After indulging on making stuff for myself the last sewing session I thought it was time to indulge in my passion. Recognize most of the fabrics Melody? Delicious!

Block of the Month Sewing.

I have decided to have more of a balance in my life and learn new skills. On the right hand side of my blog are the links to my interests this year and one of them is the Craftsy Block of the Month. A free on line class that anyone can join in with. I do not have a colour scheme, each month I will be winging it and the finished blocks will be going in this tin. At the end of the year I will be giving away the finished project to one of my followers so watch this space.
This afternoon I will be sewing some more laundry bags and finishing off the dresses I have started.

Tuesday's Treasures.

This is my Tuesday's Treasures. This is in my sewing room. Before this I had a power point extention that did not have individual on off switches and every time I had to use the iron I had to pull it out when I finished and the sparks I got were scary. Now I can leave them all plugged in and switch then on an off as needed. Much much safer, I love it!
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Project for me.

 On Sunday when I was out I thought of some way to hang up my mini ironing board to keep it pit of the way when it was not being used. This is what I came up with. I saw that the stick on hooks were too narrow and I then saw this, Perfect, It is a toilet roll holder, also stick on the wall. $3. It is now on the side of the cupboard.
 This year I thought i would get myself more organised. I bought a pack of 100 plastic sheet covers and a folder, I then recovered the folder from the boring black to a lovely textile, one of my hand dyed wool fabrics, added an elastic to hold it shut.
Here it is ready to go. I am going to fill it with all of the stuff I am going to do as I go along. All the Aussie Hero blocks tutorials pdfs have been printed. the block of the month sew along info added too. I will be adding colour photos of the things made and sent out too.