Saturday, July 23, 2016

Making Playing Card Bags Even Easier.

 Today I am making more playing card pack bags. I decided there must be a simpler way and more efficient way of doing it. This time I made the fabrics 13 inches long  by 4 inches wide. Placed them together and sewed them down the long sides chain piecing style. Snipped them apart and then to the ironing board.
 Fold in half to find the centre, snip a triangle out at the centre and instead of opening up the seam, fold it up and iron opposite sides.
 Turn it over and do the same with the other seams.
 Fold the tube inside itself and using a pin match up the seam ends on both sides. This is nesting the seams.
 Take the pins out and iron. Lovely and flat but a lot easier to do than opening up the seams.
Sew across the bottom, pinking shear the ends. Put your pack of cards inside to get the correct placement of the snaps. Add the snaps and you are done.

Aussie Hero Quilt Finished.

Aussie Hero quilt finished. The request was for the Australian flag.