Saturday, December 19, 2009

Both Have Passed!

Sydney was just wonderful, we went to watch my future Son In Law graduate from the N.S.W. Police academy. I was so proud and happy to see him, that i did not take pictures, (i let my hubby do that,) nor use the video camera, (my daughter did that) cos i could not keep my emotions under control, tears of joy just streaming down my cheeks.
Michael said he could not look at me because if it and had to keep himself just concentrating on his task.
The weather was very hot that day, and the speeches were just wonderful, made me very very proud.

The next day my daughter got her results from her course, She has passed! she is now an accountant! Double Celebration.

Day 3 and the move to their new home in the beautiful place called Bathurst. They are currently renting an old house in Bathurst that has all the lovely features of the wide hallway, wooden paneling, high ceilings, lovely garden with herbs and mature trees, just lovely. The roads are wide and quiet too.
I know they will be happy there with nice fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of City life.

ACDA Meeting

When i came back i had a delightful postal package waiting for me, these wonderful hand made paper cards with dried flowers on them. To give you an idea on the size, they are 7cm by 10 cm each.
This was from a member of the ACDA our cloth doll club, and she sent them to me with a lovely card thanking me for the Santa Pins i had made. (I had enough left by the way, with 1 left over).
They are truly works of art and i love them.


I have been away for a couple of days in Sydney helping my daughter move to Bathurst. (My job, primarily was to make sure that her two cats were comfortable on the two and a half hour drive). They are safe, happy and comfortable now in their new home. Cats do not like to be in a car in cat carriers. They did have a prescription from the vet but this unfortunately did not take effect until almost there, so i was more than happy to indulge in my job of keeping them happy with eye contact, my hands on them and talking to them the whole time.