Thursday, January 15, 2015

Batting Solved.

On my quest for 100% cotton batting I have found what I wanted.
a 15 metre roll 2.8 metre wide, $164.25 = $10.95 a metre. Postage is $8.95
Great value. I thought that other quilters might like to take a look.

Craftsy Stuff.

Quilt Doodles Doodles, What a lovely and fun name that is! has a free block of the month happening through Craftsy. This is the blog link.
How cute is this! I love doing blanket stitch and looking forward to making these.

Sewing, Knitting And A Question.

 We are half way through January already! Aussie Hero quilt in progress.
My plan is to make a quilt a week and 5 laundry bags. One for the quilt and one general box of 4 laundry bags so they are ready to post when needed.
I am also knitting in the evenings. This is the project I am currently working on. A baby blanket for charity. I am not setting myself up for a set number of knitting projects, just getting as much done as I can. for the Guardian Pharmacy Angels program held in August. I plan on making hats, scarves gloves and blankets. I am also doing a couple of Block of the Month projects that will end up as quilts for the end of the year adapted to fit the Aussie Hero quilt specifications. and a project for my daughter that I will not be posting about, that will be blogged about at the end of the year.

I am also putting out a question. I am currently on the look out for some good quality cotton batting for the Aussie Hero quilts in bulk. I would love to hear from fellow bloggers/quilters for some tips. Usually I wait until I have the Spotlight vouchers and use them, but I am down to my last couple of quilt sizes left and need some in a hurry.

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