Monday, December 8, 2014

Left Over Fabric.

 Just over a year and a half ago I made this costume for my son.
 This is the finished product.
 Originally we were going to have the front covered with patches done individually but realised early on that it would take too long and be very heavy, since he was going to be going in and out of water, up and down obstacles we altered it. I did however save all the bits I had cut out and today, I had a reason to use them.
 They are the perfect size for the snips I have bought to hand out for gifts at the A.C.D.A. Christmas party so took me no time at all to assemble.
One snip on the right side of the pocket and they are ready to go. I had just the right amount of pieces too! All set for Saturday.

Fabric Giveaway.
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