Friday, September 5, 2014

I was browsing on the internet for ideas and inspiration when I saw this I could not resist! I love it! When it arrives I will be making this one for my chair.

Scissor Holder.

 Using the fabric for the terracotta pot scissor holder, a polystyrene cup, marker pen, thread and needle. I first cut my cup into parts.
 made fabric templates adding seam allowances.
 the front part of the pot with a turn over lip.
 Half of the bottom piece stitched on.
 This is the other half ready to sew.
 Sew up the side of the pot.
 The bottom sewn closed.
 Slide the polystyrene pot into place and ladder stitch the top closed.
 Pin into place and ladder stitch on. There are no raw edges on the outside or the inside as they are all enclosed.
Add your scissors.

Chairs Continued.

 I forgot to take a before picture, This chair I picked up from the nature strip and was black all over and I decided to make a new seat and back rest cover for it.
 This is my lounge room chair so far. The buttons on the back are just temporary. The final buttons will be different shapes and sizes and will have Suffolk puffs (yo yo's) behind them. The front is almost finished. I am going to add a pocket on the front arm rest for scissors in the shape of a flower pot in orange (I am thinking of getting a plastic cup and cutting it in half and ladder stitch it into place). I am also going to add a flower shaped pincushion on the arm rest too.
 A close up of the blanket binding used to cover the piping with.
All around the seams I am going to add a decorative blanket stitch using embroidery wools from Savers.