Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sorting Out the Strips.

Before I do any more sewing I thought it would be a good idea to sort the plastic box out. The top strips are 21 1/2 inches long. Half the size needed for a laundry bag. I sew two of these together to make the right length strip. The middle row is 42 inches long, the correct length for the laundry bags and the 3rd strip are lengths that are too short to be whole lengths but I did not want to cut them for the laundry bags so I have left them as long strips. Once I have done the whole box I will sort them out into Hero stuff and PNG stuff by adding cardboard to keep them separated.

4 Inch Box of Strips

 This box is full of strips 4 inches wide. (The size needed for Aussie Hero laundry bag tops) all left over fabric from the bags made and from the PNG quilt fabrics.
 This is how I am going to use them. First I sew three strips together, top and bottom one the same. Cut them into 10 1/2 squares, sew three squares together to make a strip, turning them around so that the seams do not meet. Do the next strip so that they turn in another direction, sew those two together.
The last strip is just like the first one. The only seams that intersect are the ones in the middle block. Super easy, Super quick! Great for beginners like me! The finished size is 30 inches square Just lovely for a baby wrap The last thing to add is a border to make it fit the 36 inch squares I have already cut out.

Fabric Preparation.

Our internet has been very patchy for a while now, so I have busied myself in my sewing room. This is what I have been doing for the past couple of days. Cutting up fabric bought from op shops all around the place. 38 squares of 37 inches for PNG Quilts.
 Cutting up the fabric for laundry bags, linings and outers, all paired up in sets of 4
52 bags ready to sew. This should keep me busy for a while.