Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneek peek

This is the largest of the cheap bags so i think you will know how big it is,
I thought you might like a sneak peek inside.
I must admit i had no idea what it weighed so i asked my son to do it for me. It weighs a hefty 12 Kilo so far.

Sewing tips

I just had to show you this. This is my favorite container for pins so far. I have tried many things and they all had their drawbacks, but this works perfectly. Large enough to get my hand in without pricking myself, and pretty too. there is about 1000 pins in here, (two 500 pin packs). Cocktail sausage jar from Aldi
How do you store things like pins etc, what are your favourite containers?

Bucks Night

This is what he came up with. Last night my nephew who is living with us while he is studying had his Bucks Night. (he is getting married on February 14th next year). One of his friends from work made up T shirts with their nick names on it and they even made up T shirts for my sons who they did not know. How creative! Love it!!

Great stuff. They came home at about 3.30 am and i was glad to see that they were not too wasted, in fact they stopped drinking at 10.30 pm after a visit in the City, What they got up to, i did not need to know, as long as nothing e legal happened and nobody got hurt. One person got arrested at the restaurant, too drunk i believe, but apart from that they had a good time.