Wednesday, January 6, 2016

V.I.P. Visitors.

 Remember this quilt I made? Lauren the recipient loved it and I have been conversing with her mother Maureen on Facebook quite regularly. I had a wonderful visit from Lauren, her mother and her grandmother today, We were so engaged in talking about Aussie Heroes and laundry bags and other charities that I forgot to take a picture with them.
 They came bearing gifts. This fabric was bought from someone they know, (I will just give you her initials) L.R.R. when she was downsizing.
 She gave them to them at a very good price when they told her where they will be going to and how they were going to be used.
I was supposed to pay for half of it, but in the excitement of the afternoon I forgot to give them the money and they have donated it all to me for Aussie Hero stuff. The money they should have gotten from me will be used for Aussie Hero stuff on their behalf. Thank you for coming to see me, It was an absolute honor to meet you all, Thanks for the lovely hugs too.