Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Poor Nutmeg (Meggie) she had a cat scratch on her cheek that turned nasty 4 weeks ago, She went to the vets and had it cleaned and stitched and a drainage tube put in. Unfortunately it healed over too quickly and flared up again, so last night she was back at the vets for a second time. This time they are leaving it more open and she has to wear this Elizabethan collar for the duration of this time. Not a very happy kitty! Thank goodness for the bean bag chair, one of her favourite places to sit, it mushes to her shape beautifully and i hope she can rest a bit today. I have been up all night with her. Tilli does not like the way she looks and keeps her distance, hissing at her when she gets too close. We will have to keep them separated when we are not there to keep an eye on them. The boys have their care instructions drummed into them by me! Get better soon Meggie!