Friday, May 7, 2010

Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne

I went to the Stitches and Craft Show in Caulfield in Melbourne, and i was not disappointed, In fact i had a wonderful time, (not too late to go you know! Sunday is the last day, I had so much fun i wish i could go again!
It was on 3 floors with the lower floor dedicated to the larger shops and some have been there for many years, good to see them there, the reason i went was just to see the blogging group of crafters, Boy was i happy!! Meeting all the lovely people there in the flesh was just so very very uplifting, my legs were like jelly just to say hello and let them know how lovely to see them and their works in the flesh.
Here are the cards i got from the top picture, i would have LOVED to spend more, but hubby has the purse strings! and even asking for one dollar more was finally getting to him, but i have their cards and will be checking out their blogs and web sites. Red parks designs Kate Henderson, such a darling, has two blogs, one for her hand dyed yarn, and one for her softies, a lovely lady who rescues furniture and restores them sustainably, Very cool stuff and beautifully done too.
These are my purchases, Toot Sock Owl Pattern by Craft Schmaft, (i have forgotten your name, sorry.) lovely lovely things, a brooch kit by Juicy Roo Designs, and a braid Plate by TrishAlan Designs
and last but not least, from Jodie Carleton the following much lusted after patterns, earnest and pebble, zipper-mouth monster, animal house and goodies & baddies.
Jodie was brilliant in her talk about blogging, It was so much fun. If you have the day off, on Sunday, Do go to the Show you will have an absolute ball! All the people there are so lovely in real life too!