Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Pins

Every year I make Christmas Pins to give away to the lovely ladies at our Christmas Party and as a thank you to the staff of Spotlight and Savers for their great service and to show my appreciation. This year I have designed a Christmas Pudding Pin. I am planning on making 50.

1. I used a lid of a jam jar for the back and front of the pudding in brown felt. Cut out 2 pieces.

2. Draw the same shape out again and this time to make the top just make a way line and cut it off. You need 1 piece for the front in white felt. Blanket stitch this to one of the brown felt pieces.

3. This is a smaller cardboard disk that will be between the stuffing in the front and the felt back piece to make it flat on the back for the pin to be sewn on.

4. Holly leaves. Cut 2 on green felt. Stitch a line up the centre 3/4s of the way to give it dimension.

5. Stuffing for the front of the pudding to give it a pleasing shape.

6. 2 buttons for berries.

7. Place the back and the front of the pudding together sandwiching the stuffing and smaller cardboard disk in between and blanket stitch the pieces together all the way around using thread to match the felt used.

8. Pin the holly in place and sew them on at the same time as the berry buttons.

9. Lastly, sew the brooch pin to the back.

10. They would also make great gift tags or Christmas tree decorations. I hope this inspires you to make your own.