Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Games Mascot Continued

This is the nose.
Black cotton fabric, white chalk pencil, and scissors. I traced around the shape, cut it out, sewed the darts and stuffed. Made a gathering around the outside edge and pulled it closed at the back encasing the stuffing.
I sewed the nose to the muzzle and then sewed that on top of the whiskers. The whites of the eyes were sewn on and black marker was used to do the black of the eyes and the dots for where the whiskers will go on the muzzle. The whole thing was then sewn onto the head and the stripes were glued and sewn onto the face.
I had been without my camera for a few days so i was not able to show how i assembled him step by step as i would have liked but here he is.
I went to Savers an opp shop in Greensborough and was fortunate in finding him some clothes. and bought him a pair of blue shorts and a plain white T shirt and on the computer i found the logo of the games. I then made the logo the size i wanted and reversed it, printed it onto transfer paper and ironed it on.
He has socks, just needs runners and a few finishing touches, I do have to colour in his skin using orange pencils, cos he is not supposed to be brown, add some whiskers and he will be done.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabric Giveaway

Today's big huge news is the opening of the new UK online shop - Simply Solids - selling the must have solid - Kona cotton. The opening is being celebrated with a HUGE giveaway of 22 Kona solid fat quarters. Want to know more? then click here to find out!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christmas in July

I have been invited to a Christmas In July Dinner, How much fun is that! and we are having a Chris Kringle and the limit to spend on a gift was $10.00. This is what i bought, I went to a shop called Loot, (right next to Spotlight, my real reason for going out) and they had a sale on.
I bought these fabulous table runner and table mats. They are made of rolled up newspaper paper and cotton thread and i love them. The mats were originally $3.95 reduced to $1.00 each and the table runner was originally $15.00 and was reduced to $5.00 So I spent a total of $9.00 and saved $21.80. I have wrapped it up using some Christmas fabric.

Games Mascot Continued

Today i have been working on the face and head.
This is his ears. one has been stuffed and the other ready to be stuffed.

Face, eye whites, whiskers and mouth. Machine sewing parts done, now hand sewing parts left on the face. Also showing only half of the muzzle. Still having fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Games Mascot Continued

The next step of the Games Mascot is the lower part of the face. Inner mouth and half of the whiskers and chin.
This is the cheeks.
Face parts assembled. I will be making it in fabric next using the cardboard as templates. All the cardboard pieces are done.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Crochet and Meg

Another Crochet knee Rug and Meg.

Games Mascot

Shoe/foot. Sides and upper in all in one and sole.
Taped together.

Added to the bottom of the leg.

Games Mascot

This is the Mascot Continued. First is the pattern shape i want to replicate, Black Nose Shape.
The piece is made into cardboard with my trusty black tape.
this next piece will be the puffy cheeks.

the side whiskers one side only. the other side will be just the same, just flipped over.

Games Mascot

I have not done sewing for a while, and now i have a new project.
Commonwealth Games Mascot. I will be doing step by step, my favourite thing to do over the next few days.
Looking forward to it!
Fabric has been chosen, brown, white, red and black.

Trusty cardboard and tape at the ready, measuring and laying out on the floor, with Tilli to help.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Pram Blanket finished.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 Plus 1

This is my 4 plus 1 little blanket i am making.
I wanted to know how many different flowers could i make using just 4 colours, I came up with 24 different flowers. This is my formula.

Blue = 1
purple = 2
yellow = 3
pink = 4
plus 1 border colour.

each flower has 4 colours and they will be represented by numbers. this is the formula.

4 3 1 2
4 1 2 3
3 4 1 2
2 3 4 1

1 4 2 4
1 4 3 2
2 1 4 3
3 2 1 4

4 1 3 2
2 4 3 1
1 2 4 3
3 1 2 4

2 1 3 4
2 3 1 4
4 2 3 1
1 4 2 3

4 1 3 2
2 4 1 3
3 2 4 1
1 3 2 4

2 1 3 4
4 2 1 3
3 4 2 1
1 3 4 2

This is just with 4 colours, imaging how many with 5 or even 6 colours per flower, or block number, the amount of variations is even greater.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Knee Rugs

The African Flowers are ready for knee rug assembly.
This pastel one will be a pram blanket.

Monday, June 7, 2010

knitting and Crochet

I have been busy making pram blankets for my sister who is going to have a baby soon. I will be going over to England later on this year and so i will be able to give them to her personally looking forward to that.

I was browsing the internet, looking for tutorials on crochet when i found this site, http://www.flickr.com/groups/africanflowers/ and had to give it a go.
I did not realize how addictive they would be, and i am loving it!
Looking into it more i came across this blog. http://byelizabethcat.blogspot.com/ If you like crochet, or yarn, do go and have a look. Just yummy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunny Spot

This is my Cat of the Day picture, I has just put this mat in front of the sunny spot and they both saw it and right away went and laid down on it.

New Patterns

New Patterns by Audrey and Maude The quilt is quite lovely but the turtles are just delightful. Click on the pictures to go there and learn about them. To celebrate she is having a giveaway.

New Home

No pictures yet, but i just have to celebrate the news, My daughter and son in law have just bought their first home, Moving in in 35 days!!!
They have not been looking for long, but have thought for a long time on what they wanted, the house they have bought had been on the market for a year and the price had dropped into their price range. It is their dream place, lovely views.
They now have the job of packing what they want to take with them, what they want to sell, and have a garage sale and give to good will what is left over after that. I will post pictures when i have them.
I am so happy for them i could burst!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Pattern

Do you like this Crock pattern? I do!! brand new from clare's craftroom Do Check it out! She is having a giveaway to celebrate.