Friday, February 26, 2010

Must Go To Blog

Just click on this picture to go to Cart Before The Horse I promise you you will be there for hours! I really Love the husband and wife team and the work they are doing. Really lovely stuff.

Sunshine Award

I have just been given a blogging award, a Sunshine award from Two Succulent Sisters Thank you ladies! is awarded to bloggers whose creativity inspires others in the blog world. This is a really big compliment i just love to show what i am making so i am happy that people like to read what i write.

Now, part of the award is to pass the award on to others who inspire us. So here goes...

1. Vintage RicRac This lady is incredible, i love her stories, her creations, and her patterns. She has done what i aspire to do one day.

2. Moncherry Her creations in drawing, woodwork, crafting is just delicious! She always has super things she has made and posted about them.

3. The Civil War Bride Quilt This is a blog that i covet and hope to get the pattern for one day... The ladies on this blog all share their wonderful blocks made using this pattern. I would love to make quilts and this is THE quilt for me...

Thanks again for giving me this award, and i hope you all have a look at the blogs i have nominated.