Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aussie Heros Australia Day Laundry Bag.

This is the first of laundry bags that will have the Bunting from the Reject Shop added to it.

Opp Shopping.

 Savers in Mill Park has some lovely fabric today I could not pass up. (As with most op shops it can take a while to find what you like, sometimes you find stuff and sometimes not). I think this first one screams Laundry bags to me. This was a double quilt cover.
 Another double quilt cover, I am thinking girls dresses and bias binding but I think I might be cheeky and have the kitty panel to make for bags for myself.
 I adore the colours on this queen sized sheet, definitely girls dresses.
 This is a queen sized doona cover and I am thinking of quilt blocks for this one. I love the neutrals and the reds flowers won't be so obvious once it is cut up.
I love these! Reject shop bunting. Each flag measures 22cms by 30cms. and for $5 there is 20 in a pack, I will undo the white binding re-enforce and stabilize them with iron on interfacing and bias bind them to add to the front of the laundry bags.
I have had a good day shopping today and looking forward to more sewing.

How I Work.

 I thought I might share with you today the method I like to work in. This works with all the charity stuff, dresses, laundry bags or soft toys.I like doing the same thing over and over in a crafting spell, this is my method for the laundry bags.
Day 1. I will cut and prepare the fabric and pair them up into inner and outer bags, they are then put into a bag and stores for the sewing day. I will also cut up the fabric casings for them and they are then put into a separate bag.
 Day 2 is sewing the inner and outer bags, they are then put into the same bags they came out of.
Day 3 is the finishing day. I will then sew the casing to the bags and fold them up. Because of the fabrics I am using I will end up with very similar bags so when I have 4 or 5 different bags (depending on the weight of the fabric some can have 4 and some can have 5 per package). I then ask for address to post them in.