Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Tree Dolls

This is the dolls bodies and pieces i have made since Monday. Some are sewn and stuffed, some are sewn and some are drawn out ready to be sewn.
A closer look.

Since Monday i have been busy at the sewing table drawing, cutting, sewing and in the evenings stuffing.
I finished this lot at 5am this morning, and got up at 8am to do some more. At midday I took a break for lunch.
I have so very much missed not blogging, family, illness and other obligations have come in the way of things, but I fingers crossed I am back and hope to catch up. Still optimistic that i can reach and my goal of 100 dolls for charity and their pictures posted on December 1st.
Some of you ladies might recognize the fabrics i have been given though out the year once they are done.


Tilli playing in newspaper. One of her favourite games

Wedding Ideas

These are the glasses we have so far for the wedding.
bought them on Ebay.

These are the latest plates.
All bought by 3 friends of mine, How lovely of them.
What a lovely thing for them to do. That makes another 10 plates all with silver rims to add to the collection.
Only another 20 to go...
Very cute.