Monday, June 16, 2014

Sorting Out And Meggie.

 Meggie Loves her new toy!
 Used under supervision because of the little bits that might come off with the Kittie tugs.
 So cute to watch!
 No sewing today, (yet), but I have been busy, I have lost a couple of the rubber feet from this machine and have come up with this idea, This is left over from a previous project. Cheap rubber mat, press the machine onto it to get the indentations, exact pattern made. Cut it out, and using double sided paper tape, strong enough that it holds, but not permanent so that you can peel it off to get to the underside of the machine if you need it. Problem solved.
All the tins and containers, have got their place and labels, Now to keep it that way! (2 drawers have no label, bits and pieces in them still, but not enough bits to warrant their own container).