Monday, May 21, 2012

Christmas In July.

This is the kit I have made for our Christmas In July meeting at A.C.D.A minus the stuffing. A pin cushion to put around your sewing machine. This has velcro that you can adjust before you sew the white strap. I will leave the velcro off for them to sew because not all machines have the same measurements. I chose red fabric for the Christmas theme. I have today made 40 kits. All they have to do is stuff the cushion and stitch that on and sew on the velcro to the strap.
This is the finished item on my machine. cute?

It is well accepted that although it is Bring A Plate, I do not cook so I decorate. Look at this Great Fabric Find! Greensborough Savers, with my discount voucher it only cost me $6. Enough fabric to cover all the tables, that is half of my decorating done. I have 6 green and red baskets that I will buy some mini bread rolls and place them on the tables too. I am a very happy girl.