Monday, October 21, 2013

Problem Solving.

 This lovely large spool of strong upholstery thread is too big to put onto the machine spool holder and I wanted to use it for the case I made so I gave it a thought and remembered this, A toilet roll holder I bought to hold my Morris Men dolls I made a while ago. 2 rubber washers stretched over the top,  the thread between them (I bought a pack of mixed sets from Aldi a couple of weeks ago, the small rubber washers I use as markers when I am knitting) The large ones we will be using in an up coming crafternoon activity so more on that later.  A very heavy magnet that I have (The kids know to ask me if I can make use of anything before they throw them out and I could not pass up on a large magnet, very handy for picking up pins) holds the whole thing down and the spool fits neatly on the top.

This is where I have it placed when I was sewing. Problem solved!
This is the solution for thinner spools. Place it in a jar or container.

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