Monday, October 21, 2013

Garden and Makes.

 This is a collage of my front garden today, The flowers are looking lovely.
I had a visitor yesterday, My good friend came by and asked me if I could make a case for her ukulele, I told her I would give it a go. First I traced around it and then added a seam allowance plus a little bit more. (vinyl is difficult to sew), using a tip from the internet I used newspaper under the foot of my sewing machine then pulled the paper off afterwards. I still have bits of paper to remove but on the whole I think it is ok.


  1. A lady of many talents, this looks great Sue.

  2. Lovely garden photos Sue. The ukulele bag looks fantastic - your friend should be very happy with it!!

  3. I'm impressed with the Uke case and I'm sure your friend will be delighted. :)