Sunday, September 25, 2011


In a couple of weeks time i am going to a fancy dress Halloween Party. This is what i will be making. I will steampunk the outfit.

All the fabrics have been sourced from Savers, The skirt and jacket are going to be made out of this lovely curtain fabric, It is bronze/brown with a shot of green through it when the light is on it. The Jacket will be the self coloured striping and the bodice will be the multicoloured fabric. The brown leather jacket will be the hat, the leather on show will be the inside of it a lovely rich brown and will make accessories to match.
I will be making a top hat to go with it. This is stiff white cardboard.
How to make it. First measure your head with a strip of card, take it together to form a circle.
trace the circle onto card and cut out. This will be the top of the hat. Next with the same strip to make the shape for the head part it needs to be an oval but still have the same dimensions so place something inside the circle to change it's shape and trace around that. Do not cut it out yet, To need to add another oval inside that to cut notches for the tabs that will be inside the hat cylinder. Find the centre of this shape and you need to now add the widest circle for the brim. Cut out the inner oval and clip all the tabs and bend them up. Cut out the outer circle for the rim.
This is a cheap umbrella, I will be altering this too. The handle will be covered in leather and i will be crocheting a cover for it.
This book I also bought from Savers and i will be using it as my inspiration for the umbrella cover. I am really excited about this project, It has been a long time since i made something for myself.

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