Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Handmade Paper

this is a sample of the first try out batch of paper. I have learnt a lot here,
1. It is a messy thing!, I had completely forgotten this.
2. Don't do too much all at once,
3. Add the extra fibres AFTER pulped.
4. Gold paper turns grey.

I have put the paper aside to dry over night, then if it is still damp then i will iron it. I have cleaned it all up, and watered my plants! well, the apple tree and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow after reading more on the subject.
Most important thing is that i had fun.


  1. Good for you trying this , I like yours !

  2. This is something I want to try at some point as well. So thanks for the tips so far. Good luck with the next attempt.
    Oooo...and I love the cushion!!!! It looks very,very nice.

  3. Sue, i've always wanted to try to make paper. it seems like such a stinkin' waste to burn or throw away paper than could be made into cards or envelopes, huh? keep us posted!

  4. Good luck with your next attempt. What a nuisance turning to flecl=ks would look great...can you sneak in a bit of sparkles or tinsel instead?