Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cards And Cups.

 Today I went out Savers shopping in Greensborough. I am always looking for Aussie Hero stuff and so I bought these cards, 2 packets of 40 blank cards for $4 each and these photo paper packs for $3. The Thank you and heart cards are fine as they are and the babe cards will be altered.
 Crosswords with answers and word search and cards are ready to use.
I did not have a single cup and saucer in my house as we all drink from mugs. This is what I actually was on the hunt for. Cup and saucer and tea plate set. Bonus is that it is 1962, my birth year. $6 the set. This is for our 21st birthday high tea celebration at A.C.D.A. cloth doll club next week. I found this cutlery too. Silver plate. All are 1960s. $2 each piece. It is official, I can classify myself as being vintage!


  1. Good work on the AHQ cards and puzzle packs. Great idea
    Love the teacup set too

  2. Nice shopping there Sue. Love your vintage pieces.