Sunday, March 8, 2015

Close Ups.

 To make things easier for myself I am using Frixion Pilot heat erasable pens to highlight areas I want to sew.
 Close up of arm ready to sew.
In this picture you can see one arm is sewn and the other is outlined where I will be sewing. The erasable pen on the other arm has been ironed and all that is left is the stitching. Click on the pictures to see the full details. I am having fun with this.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue
    As handy as these things are in the office, I refuse to use them on fabric. They are not archive quality, which means the materials that are used in the ink may not be good for the fabric.
    While they erase with heat, a residue is left behind which does not launder out. If you were to mark up a bit of fabric and stick it in the fridge after you have put heat to it, the image will return. There's some sort of sciencey magic going on here that I don't understand, I just know that it happens.
    The only safe, erasable pens for fabric are the ones you buy in the haby section of your favourite quilt or fabric shop.