Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilt Blocks.

 I bought this book from Savers, complete with templates using 4 shapes makes 27 blocks all are 12 inches finished size. They will be going into my quilt as you go blocks.
 Tilli this morning, they are already hot cats.
Meggie is asleep on my sewing chair, too cute to move so I was sewing standing up for this block, but I will be sitting down on the spare chair for the next one!


  1. Excellent work. The kitties have it so good at your place.

  2. You are as soppy as I am about the cats. I won't disturb them either.
    My little kitty, Chrissy, is a particularly funny little thing and is not cuddly. We call her aspbergers kitty as she displays a lot of traits within the autistic syndrome. One night she decided to sit on my lap. I just couldn't move, so I sat there for four hours until she was ready. I know it's hopeless, but it was just so nice to have her choose to come and sit with me.

  3. The book is great Sue, good find. I love the block, the colours really pop.