Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cards And Bags.

 More prep work for my Aussie Hero gift packs this morning. The lovely red embossed stock card is from Kaylee, a lovely gift that arrived in my post box a couple of days ago. Thank you so very very much. I printed off another lot of postcards from my stash of photo papers.
 All set and ready to sew this afternoon. A set of 4 laundry bags. The front one is a special request one.
 Another special request.
 and another special request. The top fabric is from Aussie Heroes, the wonderful linen t towel is from

This is going in a pack of 4 laundry bags too.
All will be posted first thing in the morning.


  1. Oh Sue, you are such a lovely generous soul....the Aussie Heroes who receive your package must be over the moon when they find all your goodies. You put so much thought into what you send.
    If I was as fast as you, I would have made a zillion cot quilts by now for the PNG babies, but I'm just a slow old lady - ha! But I hope you will be happy to know that I'm gradually using up the fabric you gave me; I have kept it in a separate box from all my other stash, so I can lay my hands on it immediately when I'm working on the cot quilts.
    My hubby keeps me on my toes since he retired; wants me to himself! So I don't get to go and visit my friends as much as I used to, but I do intend to get together with you again some time in the future, so you can show me how you run up those laundry bags :-) And don't forget if you are looking for a particular novelty fabric for a project, please ask me as I may have just what you need :-)

  2. You are most welcome Sue for the card stock, I know you put it to good use. The laundry bags look great.