Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kitties And Crafting.

 This is Tilli this morning, It is a shame she does not like a blanket because I think she is feeling a little bit cold, so tightly curled up.
Meggie is on our bed.
 At Savers yesterday I picked up 2 packets of 4 plastic table mats for $2 each.
This is what I bought them for, and it works! Template plastic for quilting pieces. I have made one set and the Crafternooner ladies will be tracing them from my original pieces and cutting out a set for themselves and will keep them in a zip lock bag. I am looking forward to it. This makes a set of templates for 25 cents.


  1. I like the idea of the templates from placemats. :) Only thing with those ones is to watch for stretching. Keep them cool.
    If you are worried about Tilli being cold, next time you go to spotlight, get a small piece of minky fabric. My cats love the stuff. They even try to make themselves comfy with small offcuts. It's a kitty winner. :)

  2. What a neat idea! I use old Xrays for templates. I trace the shape that I want on to tracing paper, cut it out roughly, glue it to the Xray film and cut out the traced shape exactly. By leaving the tracing paper glued to the Xray, I can write details of the shape on the paper so I don't forget what it is for.

  3. What a wonderful idea Sue and such a great buy...