Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fabric Preparation.

Today It has been all about the fabric. I have been busy cutting fabric into 10 inch squares, 5 inch squares and 2 inch strips. I have literally cut hundreds of pieces ready to use for quilting.


  1. It's great getting a whole lot of cutting you get sore in the shoulders when you have a long cutting session?

  2. Great job. When I decided to make the queen-size version of Emma Jane Jansen's Liberty Stars, it took weeks of effort to cut out the bits. There's over 1000 pieces in that quilt! It's part way made. Late last year I was ill and packed up my sewing. Currently the room has become a dumping site for all things without a home. Also not helped by my husband bringing me home a fair bit of his mother's fabric collection. There's not a lot that I can and will work with and it's all just sitting there waiting for a decision.