Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quilt Blocks.

This is the 12 inch block cut into 4 inch equal bits and by turning the rows around before sewing back into blocks you get these. 9 slightly different blocks. I am beginning to understand the fascination with quilting.
I think If I make all the blocks like this, and have strips in between them to break them up I think it could be interesting.

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  1. They are really interesting and awesome Sue.
    The strips between block are called sashing.
    Something you might wish to consider is having somewhere you can lay out your blocks to get a feel for how you wish to set them out. It's known as the design wall and can be as large or as small as you wish. I have a large canvas that I covered with white flannelette. It's brilliant because the blocks will stick to it a bit and you don't end up with fluff. My dad made my mum a huge one for her sewing room. If I want a larger one, I just steal my white queen-sized sheet, lay it out and place the blocks on it until I'm happy. I take lots of pictures on the phone camera and look at them later before deciding on the final layout. Print the pic of the layout you want, because it is so easy to get them confused!
    Good luck with it. It looks like you've been converted! :)