Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Afternoon.

 Asleep while I sew.
 Today I have made
 12 Laundry Bags.
ready to post.


  1. Lol Tilly and Meggie don't have a care in the world do they! And you have certainly started 2014 off with a bang - 12 bags waiting to be posted already - well done Sue!

  2. Tilly and Meggie are the best sewing assistants ever! I have Chrissy doing much what your two are doing and then there is Vikki, sitting behind the machine with her nose a couple of inches from the back of the foot as she watches progress very closely. She's such a pest, but in the nicest way (unless she's in one of her moods, and then she needs to go and have a sleep).
    You've been very productive so far this year. Well done to you. :)