Monday, December 16, 2013

Op Shopping.

 This is what I have bought today, these little bags of beads and necklaces to turn into Christmas decorations. I have one more stop to make and give them out and that is to all the staff at Spotlight. I have made a couple already using the findings of today.
 Another op shop today I found these, an Aussie handkerchief I will fussy cut and will be able to make 5 blocks with, and two linen T towels I will pass on to a quilter to be incorporated into a quilt.
 A lovely knitting book for my library and some lovely yarn for the cord for laundry bags.
NOTYQ this is their link, a wonderful group of talented caring and sharing people that my friend Melody belongs too recently had a major fundraising event to raise money for their charity quilt making supplies and Melody bought this lot on my behalf.

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  1. Thank you for spending the afternoon with me - lots of fun