Friday, June 28, 2013

PNG Quilts.

 This is the first of the whole piece fabric quilts I am making for PNG.  You can see why I did not want to chop this one up! This fabric was from Spotlight. I had just under 2 metres of it a remnant and I am making 2 quilts with it and the rest went into the scrappy quilts. To finish it off I will lightly stitch the corners of each flower block. this is also 36 inches square in size.
 This is the back, from a quilt cover from Savers.
The batting is upholstery batting,  I bought a roll on ebay a while back for such an occasion. much cheaper but a little uneven in places so not really suitable for large quilts but fine for these little snugglies.


  1. I LOVE the horticulture themed quilt! Beautiful babies certainly deserve beautiful quilts, you are certainly delivering that, well done!

  2. Gosh Sue, when you are on a roll, you really fly!! You're making good use of those odd bits and pieces you've had sitting around. I've got all the fabrics out to make my little quilts but due to recent upheavals in our house, I just haven't got around to cutting and stitching any yet. I hope to make a start this weekend though, as hubby is going out with some friends all day tomorrow, so there will be no interruptions hopefully!

  3. Sue, I love that fabric... And your wonderful work.